Easy Cleaning Service Methods to Remove Dust and Dirt in Baseboards

Cleaning Baseboards: Simple Ways to Get Rid of Dust and Dirt

There are several effective solutions to pick from when it comes to the best way to clean baseboards, based on the requirements of your property and your cleaning preferences. All of the techniques described in this article are effective, so the best way to determine which one is best for you is to just give them a shot and discover which one feels the most comfortable. Consider it the Goldilocks method of baseboard cleaning: While vacuuming them may feel weird to one person, it may feel exactly right to another.

Here are some cleaning service expert techniques you might want to try.

Deep Clean Entryway and Mudroom Baseboards

Since mud, grime, and other debris get dragged in from outside, the baseboards in entryways and mudrooms are also probably going to need a deeper cleaning than those in other parts of the house. To clean muddy baseboards, mix warm water with dish soap. In an entranceway or mudroom, baseboards may also be cleaned with melamine sponges to get rid of tough stains and scuff marks.

Choose a Telescoping Tool for Dusting

Baseboards may be cleaned without bending over by using long-handled dusters, brooms, and wet or dry mops. The rushes of a broom may be covered with a microfiber cloth that has been dried or moistened and fastened with a rubber band to create a DIY telescopic dusting tool.

Dust Baseboards with Microfiber

The baseboards, where dust, hair, and other environmental dirt accumulate, are the perfect place for baseboard cleaning since microfiber cloths and dusters employ static electricity to take up more particles than conventional cleaning cloths. A microfiber cloth or duster works well for picking up dust when used dry; when moist, it also eliminates spills and scratches.

Vacuum Dust from Baseboards

Utilizing the vacuum’s attachments, add dusting the baseboards to your routine of vacuuming. If your vacuum does not already have this helpful attachment, one may be purchased separately. The majority of vacuums come with a soft brush attachment that can be used to dust hard surfaces without leaving scratches.

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