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What to Avoid in an Exterior Building Cleanup

Cleaning up the exterior of a building can be a necessary part of regular maintenance, but it’s important to do it safely and correctly. There are some key things to avoid when cleaning up an exterior building that could cause damage or harm to people and property. This guide will take you through what to avoid in a building exterior cleaning so that you can keep your premises looking great and maintain their longevity.

Using High-Pressure Water Blasting

High-pressure water blasting is often used for a quick clean-up job, but it should be avoided when cleaning an exterior building. This technique can cause damage to the structure or foundation of the building and can also strip away the paint and finish.

Using Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals should never be used to clean an exterior building, as they can be very damaging to the materials used in construction. If you need to use cleaning agents, opt for milder products that are specifically designed for exterior surfaces.

Working in Wet Conditions

Cleaning an exterior building should only be done when the surface is dry, as wet conditions can create a dangerous environment. If you’re working on a roof, make sure it’s completely dry before starting any cleaning tasks.

Working With Power Tools

Power tools are best avoided when cleaning the exterior of a building, as they can cause damage to the structure and create dangerous conditions. If you must use them, be sure to wear proper safety equipment and work in well-ventilated areas.

Working From Heights

Working from heights can be extremely dangerous, particularly if the surface is wet or slippery. Be sure to use proper safety equipment when working at height and have an escape route in case of emergencies.

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